Intelligent gift

Gift for the 55-year anniversary should Express warmth and respect of loved ones, their love and gratitude. The hero of the day at this age, the gifts evoke a special feeling, especially if the family is strong, and there are grandchildren and children.

In 55 years, physical activity is not what it was before. At this age in preference to the wisdom and life experience. Therefore, the best gifts to buy smart plan, for example. Gift options of Board games that are dear to the heart of the birthday.

Another gift option – a mural on the wall. By the way, sell special panel puzzles. These wall paintings before you hang on the wall, you will have to collect. Also note the icons or sculptures, works or encyclopedias.

Gifts for hobby and work

In 55 years, men tend to work, but still occupy quite high positions. This birthday man-the head will have to taste the set for Desk. Also quite a status thing, suitable for men, holding a high position, the purse made of leather. By the way, fasteners may be made of natural stones or with gold.

If a man doesn't work or takes no position, then pay attention to his Hobbies. The hunter can give gun or hunting knife. Fisherman will be delighted by a new fishing rod or spinning. The motorist will enjoy some unusual device for his iron friend.

Simultaneously easier and harder to choose a gift for a collector. Easier because you know what region to buy thing. The difficulty lies in the fact that buy real collector's item can only be a specialist, and are these things expensive.

Gag gift

Did not have to get expensive and useful gift. After 55 years, the life of a person is established, he has everything. In this case, give preference to memorable Souvenirs.

Book from the artist portrait of the birthday boy in some unusual style or location. If you are close enough to communicate with the celebrant, you can make a timeline of important events of his life in photographs, by writing under each interesting history.

T-shirt, mug, diploma, award for "world's best dad/grandpa/husband/brother/colleagues" will be gifts that can cause a whole range of feelings.


Don't forget about colors! Men also give flowers, only the preparation of the men's bouquet is a special art. Order in a flower shop a huge bouquet of flowers, putting in a card with warm words.