Ask your friends and acquaintances whether they have the possibility to arrange you an invitation to this event.
Go to a site online where on the forums you can get sensible advice or a recommendation from those who have been able to attend a private screening.
Watch out in the press and on the Internet for carrying out various promotions, participating in which you may be given the chance to attend the event, about which you dream.
Find Internet sites that spetsializiruyutsya on the set the audience on closed shows of films of a certain direction if those films fit your taste.
Participate in different contests and quizzes, which are held quite often on the television, radio and on some sites, and dedicated closed-the premiere of movies. Such participation may bring luck in the form of a ticket.
Try to get a special invitation from the administration of the cinema in which to show a movie. You can use the existing connections or personal sociability and charm.
Subscribe to a magazine that distributes invitations to private screenings for our readers.
Take the opportunity to participate in the extras at the filming of the television. You will not only feel like a little artist and perhaps see yourself on the screen, but also be able to capitalize on this. But being in a television station, you will get the opportunity to have such contacts can open doors for you in various private screenings.
Log on the relevant website, which invites those wishing to participate in the internship and submit your application. Becoming a movie star, an invitation to private screenings to friends and acquaintances will have to give you.