With the help of actors

To congratulate his close to 50-th anniversary can be a normal postcard with words or text. However, in this date I want to please the honoree. You can sing a song or read a poem when they come to congratulate the hero of the day. However, not all have the required acting skills.

So it is best to hire the actor to come to the celebration together with you and while you give a gift, sing that song, read a poem or just play something on the guitar.

There are many firms on the organization of sweepstakes, contact one of them. To organize the raffle before the celebration, during the celebration or after it. The firm offers a wide variety of drawings - from the most innocuous to the theft of the birthday. But be careful – in 50 years still not at all healthy heart.

With friends

You can try to negotiate with the other guests and come together on the anniversary in the form of a Gypsy camp. Change the Gypsies. Gypsy costumes are good because they can be worn for evening wear. Come to where will be celebrated the anniversary, be loud and assertive, like real Gypsies, women can even offer to tell fortunes. It is especially important to change so that in the first moment, the birthday boy didn't recognize you.

If the birthday falls on a weekday, and to celebrate the birthday boy going in the output, you can surprise him while he was in the service. Just for this you'll need the keys to his apartment or helping the household. While the celebrant is not at home, decorate one of the rooms, set the table. Preferably the door to the "elegant" room to close. When the birthday boy comes home and opens the door to this room suddenly turn on the light and joyfully congratulate him.


If the celebrant has a car, the cheerful greetings you can arrange it. You have a few minutes to get into the car of the celebrant to make it a surprise. About the devil who POPs out of the woodwork, you have probably heard. Only instead of snuff-boxes is in the glove box and instead of Jack – congratulation.

When the birthday boy will sit in your car, call him and tell him you left it in the glove box gloves/wallet/documents etc. Ask to see if they're there and bring them.

Another option, if you manage to sit not two minutes and at least an hour, to instruct such "snuff" in the most unexpected places in the car. In this case, tell me what documents you forgot the glove box, and just lounge on the seat.