You can begin with choosing the card. The celebrant will be thrilled to receive a beautiful card with beautiful scenery, and interesting places. A very interesting option is to pick up a postcard with a picture of one of the paintings of some famous artist.
If you want to do unusual, creative imagination. You can, for example, to give your man if he likes extreme sports, parachute jump or a trip by plane or even through the city on a carriage. Quite original you'll do the same if you want to get your man on this auspicious day, let's say 100 shots in one of the galleries in your town. Here it will be a good discharge.
Decided to search the Internet like to congratulate him on the 50-year anniversary? Many online portals, where you can learn some interesting ideas about, for example, greetings via short text messages on mobile phone. Just type in a search engine query like "to congratulate with the anniversary of 50 years by SMS" and select any option.
Don't want to take on organizational issues? Then you can use the services of agencies acceptable to the holidays – of which there are many. For example, a few agencies operating in Moscow and Moscow region: "Holiday", phone (495) 925 0594; concert Agency Vatel, phone: 8 926 58680 03 and 8 961 314 55 62; concert Agency Arte Vita, phone: (495) 225 52 14; "Jam", phone (495) 517 49 69, and many others.
Although there is a perception that flowers men are not presented, it is still a good gift on birthday. After all, he talks about the attention you give him, and your love for him – as wife to her husband as best friend as just a good friend, finally. Preferred flowers: gladiolus, Calla lilies, chrysanthemums and gerberas. You can give roses. And the color is better to choose grey, red, blue or purple. If the celebration of lush not be promises, let it be one flower, but with a large Bud.