Midsummer day – the feast of the clear not only to Slavs and their descendants. It is celebrated in the Baltic States, the analogues of Ivan Kupala is, Germany, the UK and other European countries.

The roots of this holiday go deep into paganism, with similar rituals, typical of celebrations in different mentality of the country, allow us to conclude about his archaic origins.

With the adoption of Christianity the Day of Ivan Kupala became associated with the name of John the Baptist, whose birthday falls on these days. But the original meaning – meeting of the summer solstice remained the basis of all rituals.

The main symbols of the celebration of water, fire and grass.

How to celebrate the Day of Ivan Kupala

The holiday falls on 7 July, a few abstracts from his true essence, however, there is a certain algorithm of the celebration, which is easy to play in a children's summer camp.

The celebration begins at nightfall, that gives the event additional mystery.

Fire ceremonies

After a brief presentation of the concept of children withdrawn to prepared a clearing, preferably near the pond, where already laid out the fire. Around the fire, children dance in a circle and sing songs they have learned in advance:

Have powerschool summer over the winter
Warm breeze, clear month,
Have powerschool grass silk,
Midsummer dances.

After the fire burned up to a safe enough size, you offer the most determined children jump over the fire pit. Fire has a cleansing power, and, flying over the fire, one is freed from sin and the influence of evil forces.

Water rites

The main entertainment girls were guessing on wreaths. The girls gather wild flowers and weave them into wreaths. The wreath is inserted a candle, and he starts down the river. The farther you swim, the wreath, the more happiness will be the owner.

If weather permits, you can arrange a swimming, as in the period from Midsummer to Ilyin of day the water in rivers and lakes is cleaned from evil spirits.

The rituals associated with grass

It is believed that at Midsummer plants and herbs live their own life. It makes sense to offer children to listen to the forest noises and try to hear the forest dialogues.

If the Halloween party is to find a blooming fern, you can see all of the treasures of the earth – such a legend exists in many Nations. Although the fern as a representative of the gymnosperms virtually no blooms, to wander in search of the flower will be tempting.