If you live in a city far from the place where it is possible to fish and want to dedicate fishing weekend is more details about the location of the waters where you will be able from the heart to indulge in this lesson. Explore suburban detailed map showing all the lakes, rivers, reservoirs, etc. ask friends, consult with fishing clubs or at the appropriate Internet sites, where you can have fun fishing and what created the conditions for this. Contact a travel Agency. Find out where you can stay if you come for a few days, perhaps with family or friends. Specify what expenses you are coming and what documents you need to have.

If you have decided on a more serious journey, for example, the country should pay attention to some interesting facts. It is believed that a fisherman who learned to fish in the suburbs, catch her anywhere. All the fish are very cautious. To catch, the angler requires a fairly serious skills. In addition, the important factors are seasonality, time of day, weather. Fishing in the suburbs are rarely happy angler high results: fish in the ponds a little, and besides it is small.

But at a short distance from the Northern capital located reservoirs, which are still rich in fish. The best place in the area, of course, relegated to the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. There are still sports gear catch walleye, perch, bream and pike. In winter there is hunting for large smelt. In the rivers flowing into the Gulf of Finland, well caught roach, IDE, pike, perch. Can sometimes please and catching grayling, trout and some salmon species. And came to fish on the Narva reservoir, you will get a great chance to try to catch a big pike.

You simply can not remain indifferent, having made a trip to Karelia. Rocks overgrown with pine trees, lakes with pure glacier water and rapids of the river fascinates with its power and pristine beauty. The composition of the fish in these ponds different from the inhabitants of water areas of the Central and southern regions of Russia. In addition to the usual species in Karelia is found in lake trout, burbot, whitefish, smelt, vendace, smelt and salmon.

Its convenient geographic location, wealth of fish and fishing database, providing boats, gear, etc., attracts the attention of the Rybinsk reservoir. Located in an average strip of Russia, it is a constant and popular "fishing resort" for the entire year. Here there are about 40 species of fish. Fans of different ways of fishing hone their skills there.

If you like overseas fishing, you can go to Finland, where the beauty of the river and lake landscapes conducive to rest and good mood, including of the catch, both beginners and professionals. A great opportunity to go fishing, enjoying the beauty of the fjords and the big fish provides Norway. You can go to Bulgaria fishing in the Black sea or in the waters of the clear mountain lakes. If you want exotic, then plan your trip to the South seas and oceans.