Climbing roses can be used for decoration of gazebos, arches, fences or walls of a building, especially a spectacular composition created from groups of varieties of climbing plants. Shrubs and trees can become their support, but not all are suitable for this. Twine the rose grows very quickly, so it is best to choose large and high trees, such as pine, Apple, mountain ash, larch, pear or broom. Should not be used as supports for plants with rapidly developing roots located on the soil surface, they will create strong competition.


In order to plant twine the rose, enough strips of land with a width of 50-60 cm If the plant is grown for the decoration of wall or fence, then it is planted at a distance of not less than 45 cm from the object that are going to decorate.

Prepare pits of 50x50 cm, if they dry out, the day before planting they should be watered abundantly and make manure, using no less than half a bucket on each hole. For abundant flowering after planting, the roses are cut at a distance of 15-20 cm from the surface of the earth.


Trudging roses are easily propagated by softwood cuttings. In the period from mid-June to early August they were cut from flowering shoots or wither. The upper section made straight, and the bottom - at an angle of 45°. The leaves from the bottom removed and the rest cut in half. The cuttings are planted in a mixture of earth, sand or clean sand, buried to 0.5-1 cm, top, cover them with a film or glass jar.

Watering is carried out without removing the film. Cuttings twine roses need pritenyat from the sun. Usually the drugs for growth stimulation is not used. However, if it is known that the variety is poorly rooted, before boarding make the treatment with an aqueous solution of IAA, take 0.5 tablets or 40-45 mg per 1 l of water. The tips of the shoots are immersed in the solution for 12-15 hours.


Climbing roses are content with minor care, they are rare, but abundantly watered, pruned and fed. Withered branches should be removed to encourage flowering. Watering is carried out once per 8-10 days, after which the soil around the plants is mulched with humus, grass, straw or sawdust.

Made at planting cow manure enough to supply the plants for the first two years, in subsequent years, you need to make organic and mineral fertilizers. During the growing season trudging roses require 4-5 feedings, as a rule, are used for this flower mixture or torfomineralnyh-nitrogen compounds.