You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - tape and ruler;
  • - SNiP 30-02-97, 31-02-2001 SNiP, SNiP 2.07.01-89.
Take a large sheet of paper and draw your plot, observing the proportions. In this case you must specify all the important elements that can affect the project: large trees and planting that you plan to leave the road, streams and ditches, buildings, etc., Indicate on the plan the light (this is important when placing planting, some plants love sun while others grow best in the shade).
Start the layout with garage (if required), as it needs to be tied to the road and easy entrance. It is unlikely that you will want to have on the site took the road and held so precious meters.
Before you draft a home, read the rules its location on the site. Note that from the street the house should be separated by not less than 5 metres, and from borders of the neighboring area not less than 3 meters. If the neighbor had built a house, in addition observe the fire distance is 6 meters between the stone buildings of 15 meters between the wood and 10 meters between wood and stone. Please note, the distance considered on the ledges of the building (Bay Windows, porch, etc.)
Outbuildings place close to home, but given the specifics. For example, bath is convenient to construct as close as possible to home, but you must follow the same fire safety requirements, and the restroom is better to put as far as possible – at least 12 meters from the house and cellar. Compost pit is also do away from the house, at the end of the plot, near the garden. Buildings for cattle position is not less than 4 metres from the other buildings, be aware that odors and sounds can greatly ruin your vacation at the location near the recreation area.
If you have children or do you plan on giving to not only work, but also to relax, be sure to plan a relaxation area. This can be a small area with a table and benches, a swing, a sandpit, a swimming pool, barbecue etc. it is Better to have her away from the road and from such strategically important objects, as the vegetable garden and greenhouse.
Make a project of planting, considering soil moisture, the light, the shadow of the buildings and other factors. Keep in mind that perennials, e.g., fruit and ornamental trees, will be very difficult to move, if you want to change the landscape. The location of the beds it is possible to change at least every year.