First of all, do not place the house close to the street. It is better that the distance from it to the house was about 5-10 m, it will be the best option. If you place the house deeper, we then deprive ourselves, for example, protection from street noise and dust, and contact with the street and much more.
The distance between adjacent buildings shall not be less than 15 m. This is to ensure that in case of fire, the fire did not spread from one structure to another. For the same reason you should not place the house closer to 7.5 m to the boundary with the adjacent site.
As for the location of the house in the light, no matter what climate zone you live, do not place the living room on the North side. Also do not forget about winds. Don't bet the house or have living rooms across the winter winds. Better choose the South or East side.
If the width of your land is much greater than the width of the house, the house is better positioned with the edge. This will allow better use of the remaining space, for example, for the construction of any agricultural or pastoral space. But keep in mind that the distance from such building to your home should not be less than 15-20 meters.
Importantly, from the outset take this issue seriously. By following these basic and essentially simple rules, you will become the owner of the most beautiful in the County of the land along with standing on it house.