The sequence of execution of works

The first stage – preparatory. With the surface of the walls removed the old paint, plaster. The second stage is the priming of the walls. It is necessary to improve the adhesion of the putty and the wall. After the primer you need to give the wall to dry. The third step is to rough plaster.

If the surface of the walls with lots of defects, then the fourth stage is the installation of nylon mesh. Bonding process is reduced to applying the entire width of the mesh of a thin layer of putty and gluing it to the wall. The last stage – finishing putty and sanding.

The use of the masking grid with putty

Before painting walls and putting up Wallpaper wall carefully align. For putty and priming the walls need:
- spatula;
- a bucket for dilution of the mixture.
- sanding paper.

Experts recommend to hold the plaster walls with a paint grid. Large cracks and chips better putty plaster mortar. The size of the holes increase and primed special primer liquid. Today in DIY stores you can buy mesh in rolls. The main purpose of the material is the reinforcement of the walls finishing works: plastered walls, ceilings, floors.

Also paint the mesh used in the cosmetic repairs to strengthen the cracked putty. To obtain high-quality and durable coating manufacturers paint mesh use high-quality thread. Paint the grid is capable of absorbing the stress and consequences of negative changes. But the grid overlay must be performed by a specialist.

After applying the first layer of putty on the wall is overlaid with a grid and using a roller deals. It is important that the plaster does not dry before you install the grid. The next step – a thin layer of putty paint shielding mesh. Then make the final plaster, and which will be the basis for finishing.

Applying strips of the masking grid each other, it is very important to follow exactly overlay technology. The strips of mesh are placed close to each other. Preparation of putty are described in detail on the package of putty powder. In the tank is diluted a small amount of substance and water, carefully mixing, add the remaining liquid. With a spatula, the resulting mixture was applied to the sections of the wall and allow it to dry.

Use a paint grid in the process of filling allows you to create high-quality and durable frame, which does not deform during operation.