Preparing the walls to sealing

Before will be applied putty, the surface should be prepared. First removed the worn finish and discovered under it, clean off contamination. Then you need plaster to cover the cracks or significant gouges. After that, the wall is covered with primer, which is designed to improve the adhesion between the surface and building structure. When the primer dries, you can proceed to filling.

Applying a first layer of filler

It should be clear that putty for leveling is different. Two main categories – the starting and finishing putty. To start the alignment should be applying first. It helps to eliminate the visible bumps, without much effort. For starting putty typical coarse-grained structure, so no need to try to get it perfectly smooth base.

The composition is applied in a layer to elevation changes as the result was not more than 2-3 mm per 1 m2 of the surface. When applied simple used a wide spatula. When the layer is dry, it necessarily primed to leveling the material, which will be applied next, grab well.

Apply a second layer of putty

Get rid of minimum roughness you get when you cover the wall finishing putty. It is characterized by fine-grained structure, therefore, the qualitative treatment of this material will be able to achieve a perfectly smooth base. Finishing putty applied with a layer of a few millimeters. To resolve the remaining roughness and minor bumps, this layer is rubbed clean cloth.

Aligned on the wall you can apply a finishing material. But, if it is paint or Wallpaper, the base will have primed. Respecting this technology, the owner will definitely get an excellent result of repair work. At least the potential for quality of finish it will have.