You will need
  • - putty;
  • - a bucket for the mixture;
  • - drill machine / whisk;
  • - spatulas of different sizes, trowel, poluterok, sponge float, etc.;
  • level;
  • - paint the grid;
  • beacons;
  • - the knife.
Prepare the wall to work. Get rid of old finishes: remove Wallpaper, remove paint. Clean the surfaces from previously applied plaster in the places where it departed from walls. You need to get rid of the dust, oil spots and dirt. Check how smooth your apartment wall with six-foot level or a laser line.
Dilute the mixture in water in the proportions specified in the instructions. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed with wooden sticks, shovels or drills with machine / whisk until a homogeneous mass. Leave the putty for 10 minutes, then mix again. Prepare the necessary tools. To align the walls of the large particle composition, use a trowel, polyurethane poluterok. A wide spatula is best suited to work with fine plaster. In poluchatsa as she rubbed the sponge float.
Apply starting putty. This is the base, which corrected the strong fluctuations of the walls, unnecessary grooves, holes under sockets and other holes. The mixture goes on evenly, use a paint grid. In the future it will help to avoid cracks. Apply starting putty in several layers, making a pause for drying the material. Thickness of one layer can reach about 1.5 cm to obtain a perfectly smooth surface, work beacons. Set metal, plaster or wood battens horizontally in one line, and one rail in a vertical plane under the level. Apply putty, and then correct all the irregularities of the rule.
Make the finish plaster. It is applied over the starter after it is completely dry. Finishing putty is needed to give the surface smoothness and solidity. A mixture of repeats pre-prepared plane and not be used to level the wall for that "meets" laid earlier base layer.
Seal cracks in walls. Extend the crack in the depth and width with a knife. After that, treat it with primer deep penetration with a brush, which will increase the abrasive properties of the surface. For high-quality putty cracks are best suited plaster and modern, more plastic putty.