How to eat a banana

In everyday life with a banana to handle fairly easily – enough to clear his hands from the rind and eat it, biting off a piece. But at receptions, this fruit is the proper etiquette should be used a little differently.

So, if the banana is served at the table is already cleaned and cut into pieces, enough to prick it with a fork and send in your mouth. From large slices should be cut smaller that are easy to chew. And not the peeled banana slices should be exempt from the rind with a knife and fork on their plate.

In what form can eat a banana

Especially useful to use fresh bananas, as in this form, they retain all vitamins and minerals. They can be a wonderful Breakfast for children and adults, as well as a bite, because these fruits fill you up quickly and provide a natural energy boost, since they have fructose, glucose and sucrose.
The perfect power Breakfast – whole grain cereal or oatmeal with slices of fresh bananas.

Fresh bananas can be used for preparation of various desserts or cocktails. They can also add to fruit salad, sweet cereal, candy or a variety of pastries: pies, cakes, puddings and other products.

No less interesting turns out the garnish from bananas, which can apply both to meat and to fish dishes. To make it clear a couple of bananas peeled, cut into large pieces, sprinkle with your favorite pepper, roll in egg and breadcrumbs. Then sauté in olive oil until Golden brown.
And in Cuba, the visitors of the restaurants of local chefs offer bananas free images that you can use as snacks to Cuban rum or alcoholic cocktails based on it.

The useful properties of the banana

Bananas are one of the leaders in the number of such important minerals as potassium and magnesium. That is why they are useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system and normalization of water-salt balance in the body. They also contribute to the saturation of oxygen to the brain and increasing sexual desire in men and women.

Due to the fiber content of bananas improve digestion and eliminate constipation. And yet they increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, relieve heartburn, have a calming effect, lift your mood and do not allow to sink into depression.