Design at the cottage or in the garden

Iron barrels are used extensively not only for water but also for the creation of original flowerbeds. They can paint colors or decorate in the style of hi-tech. For example, to braid the stockade and create a flower garden. To paint a barrel that will be used for water or as flower beds, you will need different coloured paint, different size brushes, a sponge and a roller. To implement creative idea will help colored color. The basis of such dyes - acrylic, so they are easy to mix with regular acrylic enamel.

Start with selecting the base color and paint the barrel with a roller. Wait for complete drying of the basic colors. To determine a pattern. It is important that it was large and proportional to the size of the barrel. It can be pre-applied with a pencil on a sheet of paper or chalk on the barrel itself. If you doubt your own artistic talents, use stencils. Purchase in bookstores or departments for repair. There you can find materials to create your stencil.

Stencil your own hands

Select a suitable design for a stencil. It is convenient to print on the printer. Transfer the outline using carbon paper from any magazine or book. You can take tracing paper or baking paper. To create a stencil also suitable thin plastic or paper for lamination.

Now use the knife and scissors. Small parts are carefully cut out with a thin blade. Do not worry if you cut something extra. Use duct tape and secure the broken piece. Attach the prepared stencil to the substrate - iron barrel. Secure it with masking tape. Apply the contours with a brush or sponge. Remove the stencil without waiting for drying, otherwise it will stick. Thoroughly clean brush or sponge, if you plan to use different colors. Apply the next color to make sure that you do not mess up the previous one.

Ideas for painting garden barrels set. For example, the popular barrel-men. You can use ready-made option, or to create and realize your own. For better result, a metal barrel, you can cover the appropriate soil mixture. Neat and original painted barrels are sure to please and the owners, and guests of the villas or garden. This element of garden design is bound to attract the attention of passers-by to your flower garden.