You will need
  • the garden barrel is plastic or metal;
  • if plastic barrel: two spray can of acrylic paint – white and green;
  • - if metal barrel: two spray can paint for metal, white and green;
  • - stencils for decor – beautiful leaves of plants collected on the sites or in the surrounding area;
  • - personal protective equipment: respirator, goggles, long rubber gloves.
Pre-training barrels
The first thing you need to clear the barrel of dirt and degreased – for this you need to wash it with soap and water and dry well in the sun. To put a barrel on a small elevation, covered with polyethylene or cloth.
Basic painting
First you need to paint the whole barrel in a green color from an aerosol can, having spent for it about 2/3 of the paint. The total amount of paint is chosen depending on the size of the barrel. When the green paint dries on top of it need to be sprayed with white paint chaotic diagonal stripes. Good to dry.
Decor barrel
To collect in your garden or in the vicinity of a holiday village a variety of large and beautiful leaves, such as ferns, towering mountain ash branches, maple leaves, etc. Take a single sheet and attach it to the barrel, holding the left hand stalk, and then from a distance of 20-25 cm light spray to spray over it in green paint. To do that with all sheets-stencils over the entire surface of the barrel, creating a personalized plant illustration. Allow the ink to dry thoroughly, and then set the barrel on a regular place.