You will need
  • Bottle (or other dishes);
  • - Alcohol solvent;
  • - Specialized paints for glass painting (stained glass or acrylic);
  • - Tassels;
  • - Decor for decoration (optional).
In order painted on the bottle of paint was kept for a long time, you need to thoroughly clean and degrease the surface of the bottle. For this you need to clean the bottle of residues from labels or food and wipe with a degreasing cleaning solvent (alcohol or solvent).
After the surface of the bottle will be cleaned and degreased, you can begin to stain the bottle. One of the variants of color - patterning thin strips directly on the glass. The second option - first, the bottle is covered with a single coloured background, then on top of the background is patterned with contrasting colors. But in this case it is necessary to wait for complete drying of the background and then paint a second coat.
One of the options - painted dots. This is a complicated painting, takes a long time, but the result is worth it. Small points, like embroidering, the pattern is applied on the glass. This requires a viscous paint so they don't spread. And the surface of the bottle gives a very textured, bumps.
After staining the bottle can be further decorated with beads, sequins, colorful threads, beads.