The apparent simplicity of growing onions may play a gardener, especially a beginner, not a good joke. The bulb grows in the spring, even on a windowsill in a glass of water. And in the soil in summer. So many people grow onions according to the principle – put and forgotten. And then complain of illness, crop failure and small head. What are the conditions you need to follow to get a good onion harvest.

The cultivation of onion turnip

So the bulbs have grown large, landing take sets of size 1 to 2 cm Bulblets need to be processed. In 3-4 days they start to harden at the temperature of +30...40°C, then soaked for 10-12 hours in a complex fertilizer dissolved in water. Before planting them down in a bright pink solution of potassium permanganate for 10 minutes, then in pure water and begin planting.

Soil onions prefer fertile, loose and easy. In the spring to improve soil fertility in the garden where to grow onions, you need to make complex fertilizers. To avoid strelkovanie onions, the soil in the garden warms up to +12...15°C. it is necessary to cover the bed with plastic wrap for 3-4 days. The timing of the landing sevka – the last decade of April – beginning of may.

Further, the soil in the garden loose, and it bore grooves at a distance of 25 cm from each other. In these grooves planted sets. The distance between the bulblets in the furrow should be 8-10 cm Sets planted 3-4 cm deep

Onion growing Chernushka

You can grow onions by planting seeds (black cumin). This method is suitable for the cultivation of sweet varieties in regions where the summer is long enough.

Soaked and germinated seeds are planted in the ground in early spring (end of April), as soon as the soil is warmed and ready for planting. Close up of the ridge width to 1 m On the ridges proryhlit frequent furrows at a distance of 10-12 cm Seeds are sown at a depth of 2 cm, when the distance between them is 1.5 cm For the best seed germination, furrow mulched with a thin layer of humus. In the process of growth is carried out at two thinning. After the first between the onion remains a distance of 3 cm, after the second or 6-8 cm

When growth stops the pen begins his lodging, and the bulbs are the appropriate color and size, you can begin to harvest onions. This usually occurs in early September. If cleaning not completed on time, the onions may again start to rise and will be unsuitable for storage.