Internal furnish of the country house

The layout of the country house should be open enough to provide a large area of common area, where they will spend time together family members and guests. For the decoration of bedroom can be used ordinary paper Wallpaper, environmentally friendly and breathable. Select the Wallpaper in small flower will look good and paintable Wallpaper combined with a natural, made in the form of mats. Finishing materials, their design and texture should be emphasized is simple, close to natural materials.
Taking into account seasonal country houses, materials for internal finishing pick those who are not prone to deformation and fracture under the action of extreme temperatures.

Inside for finishing the total area you can choose wood or brick. To avoid color monotony, the wooden walls and ceiling can cover a light water-based varnish, floor varnish warm yellowish tone. Brick can be natural, but you can use decorative plates that mimic exposed brick walls. These panels look great in combination with surfaces plastered with a rough texture.

Generally such typical finishing materials like natural or artificial stone and bricks, it is better to use fragments, in this case, they will look not so gloomy. However, if it is assumed on the walls to hang shelves or a lot of pictures, finish you can use a regular textured plaster of the same color, but different shades or different colors combined.

How to decorate the walls of the suburban home outside

If the cottage is built of brick, it makes sense not to cover any exterior wall finishing materials, Windows wood, Windows have shutters will give your country home a completely finished and a cozy rustic look. But finishing the brick or natural stone materials are quite expensive. You can select options from more affordable but no less attractive. You can decorate your house siding "brick" or plain color, matching it to the color of the Windows, entrance and balcony doors.
Battens can be used for finishing the country house, both inside and outside. Of course, it will need to be covered with a protective layer, especially on the outside.

Cheaper siding will cost colored cement or finishing plaster. For exterior walls you can use regular boards, if you wish, it is possible to put a layer of insulation. This option is quite cheap, but the house will look beautiful and natural. Look good of the country house, for exterior which used tiles imitating brick or natural stone.