If you were born under the sign of Aries, your planet-ruler is Mars. He gives the rams mettle, militancy, assertiveness, because it is a planet of fire and war. Mars is the planet of emotions and instincts.
Born under the sign of Taurus people will patronize Venus. This planet gives Taurus a love of sensual pleasures and comfort for the sake of which the typical representatives of this sign are willing to work hard. Because of this, Taurus can be too materialistic relate to the world, relying only on themselves and their abilities.
If you were born under the sign of Gemini, your planet is mercury. He is the patron Saint of mind, movement, information and communication. Through his influence, the Twins are one of the most outgoing, curious and movable signs of the zodiac.
Those born under the sign of Cancer are under the protection of the moon. This astrological planet is responsible for the emotions and subconscious mind. It is the Moon that makes Cancers so emotional, closed and sensitive. Excessive influence of the moon makes Cancers hysterical.
Lions protects the Sun. It makes their "wards" generous, proud, Regal. A typical Leo can't live without the attention of others, excessive exposure to the Sun makes people of this zodiac sign is unbearable, so the Lions it is difficult to perceive themselves and interact with society.
Virgos are also protected by mercury, but he gives the tendency to the analysis of all sorts of things. Virgo work very well with the information, but it is absolutely devoid of charming lightness and mobility, which is characteristic for the Twins.
Libra, like Taurus, ruled by Venus. It allows this zodiac sign to find a common language with anyone. Scales easily reach perfect harmony in any relationship. However, the excessive influence of Venus sometimes leads to the fact that the Scales begin to imitate sympathy.
People born under the sign of Scorpio, ruling planet Pluto. He is responsible for sexual instincts, transformation, destruction of the old. This planet gives the Scorpions a mystery, endurance and enhanced sexuality. The excess of influence of Pluto leads to jealousy and thirst for self-destruction.
Ruler of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is Jupiter. This is the planet of optimism, expansion and good luck. Jupiter endows Sagittarius with faith in the future, optimism, a thirst for knowledge. In some cases, the representatives of this zodiac sign can be tactless and overly pokalsky.
Capricorn ruling planet Saturn. He is the planet of responsibility, patience and discipline. It is not surprising that he fully conveyed these properties to their "wards". Unfortunately, Saturn is the planet of limitations and time, so Capricorns are often too serious and pessimistic.
The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus. This is the planet of revolutionary spirit and liberty. She makes an Aquarius unique personalities that are rarely clear to others. The main characteristic of Aquarius is the love of freedom, sometimes it leads to utter loneliness, when the influence of Uranium on the life of Aquarius becomes too strong.
People born under the sign of Pisces, ruling planet Neptune. He gives Fish inspiration, creativity, compassion. If the influence of this planet is too strong, Fish may just lose touch with reality and move into your own dream world.