Find out the zodiac sign according to Western astrology, the day and month of birth. If a baby is born between 21 March to 20 April, his zodiac sign is Aries. And from 21 to 31 March ruling planet - Mars. A characteristic feature of these Rams will be the hardness, strength, bravery, courage. From 1 to 11 April the strong influence of Saturn, which will give born in these days of nobility, generosity, ambition, pride. Born from 12 to 20 April, the kids will be under the influence of the planet Venus. It will be of a nature passionate, impulsive, tender.
Zodiac sign by date of birth from April 21 to may 20 – Taurus. Patronizing from April 21 to may 1, the planet mercury gives the person is in good mental powers, the Moon (from 2 to 22 may) - daydreaming and nobility, and Saturn (from 12 to may 20) – pessimistic and unsociable.
From 21 may to 21 Jun little ones are born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Jupiter (from 21 to 31 may) will give them such traits as intelligence, intuition, religiousness; Mars (from 1 to 10 June) – aggressiveness, sarcasm; the Sun (from 11 to 21 June) – arrogance, vanity, irritability. Cancers born between 22 June to 22 July. They exercise a strong influence of the planet Moon and mercury. This is a good, interesting, ironic, sensitive, Bohemian people.
The ruling planets of the zodiac sign Leo (July 23 to August 23) are Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. They give the strength, intelligence, authoritativeness. The next zodiac sign according to date of birth 24 August-23 September Virgo. The sun, Venus and mercury gives the representatives of this sign the feeling of harmony, humility, resourcefulness. Harmonious Libra (24 September-23 October) patronize Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. Under the influence of these planets people sign Libra very gentle, discreet, friendly, sensual.
Zodiac sign Scorpio covers the period from October 24 to November 22. Due to the ruling planets Mars, the Sun and Venus are people generous, emotional, enthusiastic, but sometimes frustrated and careless. Sagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) under the influence of mercury, moon and Saturn can be brave, athletic developed, persistent, sensitive, with a great imagination.
Zodiac sign by date of birth from December 22 to January 20 - Capricorn. It's a calm, calculating, passionate, hard-working nature, which at the moment of birth under the influence of Jupiter, Mars and Sun. For Aquarius (January 21 – February 20) significant influence of such planets as Venus, mercury and the Moon. Aquarians are sensitive, shy, smart, gentle, truthful. Pisces (February 21 to March 20) under the influence of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, honest, sensitive, sociable nature.
Note that despite some influence of the planets on human character, has not been canceled educational function of the parents. To your child growing up joy to you and others, develop a positive traits and correct weaknesses. And remember that not a Western horoscope, but the man himself is the architect of his happiness.