You will need
  • Dance club, dance Studio.
The work of the choreographer with the dancers begins with the fact that he tries to give them movement to perfection. It appears to the audience in the form of dance works. Various choreographers can use their own skills and experience when modifying already existing dance moves. Some choreographers can create entirely new works using the technique of contact improvisation.
Workout choreographer with dancers, usually held in the evening. It evaluates the performance troupe, and the remaining time resolving various administrative issues. Choreographer is also involved in the development of ideas, evaluation and selection of the dancers, the selection of costumes and music, and many others.
History of the profession of a choreographer rooted in the twelfth century. At this time, in mansions rich people were invited specially hired dancers to brighten the evening hosts. At this time in Vogue and the court dances, which was a circling of a plurality of pairs of dancing. How beautifully and harmoniously dancing was moving, and could form an opinion about the person, male or female. In the time before professional choreographers faced the task of learning manners while dancing.
The personal qualities of the choreographer is reduced to the following principles. He should be able to dance, possess organizational skills and be able to think creatively. The work of the choreographer is to coordinate movements of the entire company to come up with images and concepts of dance. In addition, the choreographer has to be an original person, as in this profession improvisation can help to achieve success.
The education of a choreographer can be purchased in higher and secondary special educational institutions. For example, it may be the Faculty of contemporary dance University for the Humanities. In Russia the greatest respect are Moscow State Academy of choreography and Academy of Russian ballet named after Vaganova in St. Petersburg.
Career and place of work of a professional choreographer's qualifications and professionalism, and experience. Choreographers can work in dance companies, theatres and musicals, the Opera and on television, the film and festivals, cruise ships and even on the runways. Related professions choreographer are an actor, designer, composer and artist.