Set priorities in life, which for you is really important. It is primarily their own welfare and health, family, friends. This, and everything connected with them must be your main, they can and should not spare neither strength nor the time. Your work and your Hobbies, too, are here, but they should not interfere with your personal life and to overshadow or replace it.
Learn how to soberly assess the situation and never to panic and not to exaggerate the potential danger. It is said that from any dead end there's always a way. No money – earn, sick – will recover, something does not work – learn how to do, all hands on deck at work – strained and all the time. Don't waste time on words and wails silently proceed.
Indifference is a kind of psychological protective barrier that is built on a subconscious level. Push out from the sphere of my consciousness all troubles, especially those that you yourself come up. Use your rational thinking – if there is a problem, it is necessary to consider and find ways to resolve it.
According to legend, the wise king Solomon wore a ring with the words "Everything passes", take into consideration this motto. If awareness of this fact at some point does not help, remove all of the nerve and emotional stress with breathing exercises and relaxation. It is also a great prevention of stress.
You have to understand that if you have a soul, you will never be heartless; if you are emotional and vulnerable – will not be indifferent. This suppression of his own "I" is able to make any woman angry at the world hysterical. You just need to control their emotions, and dosed to spend their mental strength.