You will need
  • - water heater;
  • - adhesive tape;
  • roulette;
  • - wardrobe;
  • - drywall and profile.
Determine the future location of water heater: water heaters are often installed in the bathroom and speakers in the kitchen. But there are exceptions to the rule. So, to determine the order in which the room will be installed the water heater, plan the interior of the room.
If your water heater is the column, and you decided to install in the kitchen, if her appearance fits into the interior space, i.e. is not allocated on the General background, there is no need for this water heater to hide. Glue the column of adhesive tape: the effect is stunning.
As a rule, water heater accumulative type it is difficult to hide without losing valuable space, so install this water heater in the bathroom ceiling.
Order your cupboard under the column. To do this, measure the dimensions of the column and pass it to the practitioner who ordered the kitchen furniture, while be sure to specify that this locker is designed to hide the column. The feature of this wardrobe is that it will not be the bottom, and instead of the usual door – lattice. This unique design of such furniture will provide to the water heater proper airflow, allowing the speaker to be able to cool sufficiently.
Currently, conducting repairs, the owners usually seek to mend the pipe. So, if the boiler is installed in the toilet, it is possible to sew together with the pipes, making special hatches for emergency access to the pipes and opens the door to the place where a water heater is installed.