Plan interior with regard to all its parts, including the gas column. Pay attention to the type of flow of the air in the camera it will affect the design of the boxes, which will help to hide the gas column in the kitchen and integrate it into the interior.
Raschertite with a pencil or chalk the location of the hanging lockers. Consideration should be given to plumbing and gas pipe, wire, hood, and other possible interference.
When you order furniture for the kitchen (or manufacture themselves) it is necessary that the manufacturer made measurements for the boxes in accordance with the instructions to the gas column, that has withstood the mandatory side and front distances.
If the column open chamber, the locker, closing it, should be no bottom or other obstacles for air. If the column with the closed chamber, i.e. the turbo, the air is taken from the environment, then you can close the bottom.
Front door is better to put lattice or replace them with a curtain type blinds, suitable color and style of the interior.
You can also hide and corrugated pipe. This can be realized by using the covering drywall. Manufacture of the profile frame around the pipe and then close it, zashpaklyuyte seams and paint.
All of the materials from which a locker for the gas column must be fireproof (e.g., aluminum). Or at least need to cover it with special materials inside (asbestos fabric or spectrascan).
Also to hide the gas column in the kitchen can be another way. Alternatively you can disguise the equipment that is to remain open. This will help to avoid unnecessary conversations with employees of gas services. To do this, apply special paints decorative pattern in harmony with the kitchen furniture.
If you do not have the skills of the artist and do not want to hire a designer, it is possible to paste over a gas column self adhesive furniture film. Selection, cutting and pasting a film of the power of even a schoolboy.