To start creating a website with the torrents with the choice sounding domain name. If you are going to create a torrent tracker in Runet, natural to use a domain in the zone .EN, whose name will contain the word "torrent". On this way went to such a well-known trackers like rutorrent, torrentino, etc.

To register a domain name from any domain Registrar. All you need to do is to register on the site and Fund balance. As a rule, the domain name registration in the area .EN for one year is about 80-90 rubles.


The second step is to choose a hosting. Most Russian hosters offer their customers budget billing plans in the region of 200-300 rubles per month for the support of multiple sites on different domains.

Its a torrent site you will upload via FTP. Username and password for FTP access must provide the host. Usually after the payment of hosting services to you by e-mail comes a letter with all necessary data - access details, FTP details to access the admin panel and access data to MySQL databases.


The heart of any torrent tracker - actually, the engine. In the Internet you can find many paid and free engines for trackers. One of the most popular is a long time engine called <url> It is a free engine torrent tracker open source forum based on phpBB2. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Externally, the sites created on TorrentPier, very much like the popular Russian portal rutracker.

Development of the torrent website

The main task of the owner of the tracker is to provide the influx of new visitors who will fill the torrents and to obtain the life of the forum. It should be lined with a variety of popular movies, music videos, etc. to Promote website using social networking and forums.

How to make money on torrent

On the torrent trackers, could and should be earning. You can place on the pages of your website paid banners, blocks, teaser networks, links to CPA offers or links to affiliate programs. Don't forget about mobile traffic - now many users are downloading torrents from their mobile phones. If you filter this traffic and show ads targeted to the mobile niche, you can earn extra money.