In order to demonstrate the process of uploading the file to the torrent tracker will use the service as an example.
So, go to the website and look for the word "Register" if you haven't registered yet. Click on this word.
A page will open where you will be given the Rules of use of the resource. Read them carefully. When you are finished reading, at the bottom you will see the phrase "I accept these terms". Click on it to proceed to the next stage of registration.
Now fill in the registration information:
· Name (can be fictional);
· Email address (you will receive the information necessary to complete the registration, so specify a valid email address);
· Password.
The other items are not mandatory.
Read the User agreement of the resource. If you accept its terms, check "I have read the User agreement, and you agree not to violate". Click on the "Send"button.
The resource will notify you that within 5-10 minutes in your e-mail address you specified during registration will receive an email containing a link to activate your account. Locate this email in your Inbox and click the link. You are now registered on the tracker.
Now get uploading a file to a torrent tracker. First you need to create a torrent file of your movie, book, music track, using one of the following programs (uTorrent; Vuze; Torrent Builder; BitSpirit, etc.). Since each program has its own characteristics, beyond the scope of this article to describe step by step how to create torrent files in torrent client. Ask a question in the search engines (e.g. Yandex or Google), "how to create a torrent file in uTorrent" or the torrent client which is installed on your computer.
After creating the torrent file go to the design of the distribution on Select the forum section that fits your file on the subject of movies, games, music, books, etc. Now create a new forum topic by clicking on the button "New topic" in the upper left corner of the forum page. Fill in the subject information about your file. This can be information about the quality of the video; screenshots; the size of your file, etc.
When we finish processing, check the file on hand in your torrent client. Add to the forum topic that you previously created torrent file and click "Send". In the window that appears click on the phrase "need to download" and download registered online torrent file to your PC. Now the torrent file has a special passkey, so that it will know the site Open the client program this torrent file, click "open folder" and specify the path to the given file (movie, music, book, etc.). Save the result of your action and run the torrent file in the torrent tracker. If you've done everything right, you will see in the client program that the file began to be heard. Check out the topic of your deal on the forum: you must be listed in the category of "seeds", not "lechery".