You will need
  • - computer
  • - Internet
  • - start-up capital
The first method is to use the server for its intended purpose - location of information. Rent or buy a server yourself, create a website and promote their services to host sites and files on your server. The income you will receive per account fees for the placement of sites and also for downloading files. In the case of downloading files, you can offer digital download at high speed and to charge for advertising on your server.
The second method consists in the additional use of the leased servers. In this case you open a company engaged in the design, creation, hosting and promotion of websites. The proposal package to the customer, you include in the package the location of the site on your server. The fact that the market is placing information on servers in the majority of secondary, and those who rent a place to host the site, more will be released on the third or fourth intermediary than the owner of the server. List all the benefits that accrue to the customer from the placement of the site on your server, especially mentioning the low cost of rent compared to others, and you can safely write this kind of earnings in the asset.