Useful properties of flax seeds

Flax seeds in the dried state can be purchased at any pharmacy. Their value is disproportionate to the cost, as flax seed is one of those few products in which include saturated fatty acids omega-3. The body needs them not only for proper functioning but also for maintaining youthful skin. Unfortunately, he these acids does not produce, because to them only from the outside. This property is used in particular in cosmetics, but is not the only advantage of flax seed. Also it contains full range of b vitamins, vitamins E and D, and several minerals.
Thanks to the seeds flavonoids and essential substances they are also the raw material for obtaining the essential oil, is even more widespread in cosmetology.

Flax seeds, application to the skin

Flax can be used for all skin types, the difference in the recipes of masks depends on your existing cosmetic concerns and skin type.

For dry skin mask of 2 tbsp of flax seeds, filled a glass of boiling water and brew for hours. After straining the liquid, the consistency resembles jelly, applied to the skin and leave for half an hour. This recipe not only nourishes and reduces the feeling of tension, but also relieves irritation.

For oily skin the same decoction mixed with oat flour in such proportions as to obtain a paste, in thickness similar to sour cream. First, this mixture is gentle massage of the skin, after which the composition is left on the face for a quarter of an hour. This mask matting, eliminates greasiness and makes the complexion more healthy.
On the basis of linseed jelly can make other mask. Universal is a recipe with white clay, which is diluted in linseed infusion. This mask tones and refreshes the skin any.

For cleansing flax seed is used in cosmetics in its purest form. It must be brewed with boiling water, steamed in a position to shift into a gauze bag and apply on the spots with acne. After a few minutes, the pores will open and you can clean, but my hands have to be sterile clean.

Flax seeds for hair

A decoction of flax is ideal for hair prone to fat. For this you need to apply it on the washed up head, wrap it with a towel for an hour, then comb and dry. Hair becomes healthier and shinier, easier to fit, and also reduces the oiliness of the scalp.