When give birth to a cat, many owners ignore the annual vaccination. Some believe that such a disease as rabies is anywhere but near them.

Methods of transmission and infection

From the comfort of my own front door and around many houses, you can see mice or rats that take root around the garbage disposal. They are the most close to the people carriers of rabies. Street cats that would hunt these rodents, in a fight with them, able to bite through it and transferred the disease.

Rabies is transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal. The latent period of the disease, until the first clear signs of rabies can be from 2 weeks to six months. All depends on the location of the bite towards the brain, because, once in the blood, the virus penetrates into the nerve fibers. If the bite was in the head or neck, the symptoms will develop before the bite on the hind leg.

Eating the virus carrier, the cat is infected with rabies. The following method of transmission is through saliva got on broken skin. Various small injuries in cats and scratching of the skin can be the input path for infection.

Carriers of rabies are: rodents, cats, ferrets, bats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, wolves, hedgehogs.

In diseased animals dulled the instinct of self-preservation. Wild animals can approach people to fawn on me, take food from his hand. Simultaneously, their behavior changes drastically on the aggressive. They begin to throw, growl, chew and swallow stones, sticks. They develop rabies, and photophobia.

Prevention and protection

The only way to prevent rabies is a yearly vaccination. Since rabies is a dangerous disease, transmitted to humans, vaccination of animals is free. It can be done by contacting the provincial or city veterinary clinic.

If you are bitten by a wild or stray animal, you should immediately contact the emergency room or veterinary laboratory, which will inject medication with snooze 3 times, protecting you from rabies. Do not treat carelessly their health. In fact this disease is not treated, neither in animals nor in humans.

Veterinary medicine around the world is the guardian of human health and struggling with this disease. There is a specialized website where on the world map can be seen kicking. Information about outbreaks worldwide, updated weekly.