The first stage of rabies in dogs is characterized by a usually abrupt change in her normal behavior. The animal becomes irritable, capricious, does not respond to the call, barking without apparent reason, hiding in dark corners, or, conversely, becoming too affectionate.
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In addition to behavior, rabies dog changes the appetite. She may be anorexic, but at the same time to swallow a variety of inedible objects such as stones, pieces of wood, straw.
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At the initial stage of rabies swallowing dog at times difficult. You can even seem that the animal in the throat a fish bone stuck. The dog always wants to drink, but she manages to swallow a very small amount of fluid.
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The first stage of rabies in dogs you can determine, and increased salivation, and loose feces mixed with foreign objects. A distinctive feature of the initial stage of rabies is also strengthening the sexual instinct in the animal.
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The second stage of rabies in a dog occurs usually 1-3 days after infection and lasts about three days. You may notice too violent behavior of animal: dog rips the surrounding objects, furiously digging the ground with their claws. The appearance of rabies the animal expresses horror, cruelty and suffering. Fits of rage are replaced by a state of apathy to everything.
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The voice of a dog in the second stage of rabies becomes hoarse, barking gives way to a long howl. The animal tends to run away from home, and anywhere. On your way the dog tries to bite all the oncoming animals and people.
Unnoticed, the second stage of rabies passes into the third nerve. Its duration does not exceed 4-5 days. The dog is paralysis of the tongue, the pharynx, mandible, pelvic girdle. Then the animal falls into a coma and dies.