Taking in your own home a little kitten, the person takes responsibility for the life of another being. In the process of leaving the host is bound to the cat, cares for her, watches over the health, corrects the behavior. Time passes, and a cat live his life to the statutory limit. Age-related illnesses, injuries, infections begin to cause them suffering, but to help them can not nothing.

Reasons for euthanasia

Indications for euthanasia of a pet are the following diseases: Oncology, trauma, incurable infection. Animal suffering and unable to lead an independent life.

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Basis for dogs are: rabies in the explicit stage with the manifestation of symptoms and chronic diseases that cause animal suffering.

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Assistance in euthanasia

In severe cases, a sick and suffering cat veterinarians recommend themselves to sleep that is more humane solution than to look at the suffering animal and to prolong its suffering. Large veterinary clinics provide the procedure of slumber, and then disposal or cremation of animals.

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The cat's body after euthanasia might be buried in special cemeteries of Pets, dispose of utilizada for the disposal of biowaste or cremated in private crematoriums, at the option of the owner.

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There are organizations that are engaged only in ritual services for Pets, with this special permission from the authorities.

Humane euthanasia

Before you put down a cat immersed in deep anesthesia, i.e., lead to a state when the mind is fully disabled. This step is required. For the introduction of anesthesia, drugs used analgesics. Their objective is to introduce the animal into unconsciousness, not blocking vital functions.

Only after diving into a deep state of anesthesia muscle relaxants are introduced, which either interrupt the functioning of the heart or inhibit the respiratory center.

Thus, euthanasia is directed by two shots, and between the first and second time needs to pass so the cat managed to fall into unconscious and not feel pain.

Professional veterinarians will never insist on the decision to euthanize the animal. They will allow the owners to think about the situation and also to diagnose the health of the pet and other professionals will listen to opposite opinion. With the intention to euthanize the animal should ever be rushed.