When people lose loved ones, or fall into a difficult family situation, when life is all as you want, it is most difficult at this point not to fold their arms and continue to fight. What prevents to invest all the forces in the solution? It is likely that you have repeatedly tried to find a way out of the situation, but every time your ideas have failed, you have failed to achieve zhelaemogo. Then comes the complete devastation of, to wait absolutely do not want, because you can't see the point in waiting. It seems that time is running out, and the problem remains, and in your head it grows and spills out with more force. The person may become aggressive or withdraw into themselves. How can I avoid this, and to learn to be patient and persistent to overcome all the hardships of life?

  1. Believe in yourself. Whatever is going on around you, first and foremost, you must believe in yourself and your strength. Don't give up! People always want to get the result immediately, in the first minutes to see and feel success, but early success does not happen.
  2. Find favor. While other people around you will lose control of yourself, you will be able to behave calmly and soberly assess the situation. So, your stance will be much stronger.
  3. Protect yourself. Restraint and patience will allow you with less psychological trauma to stand against the offender, or to survive the tragedy. The calmer you react, the easier it will be. Emotional control - it's a small victory, and it will lead you to the solution of all vital problems that will surely come your way.
  4. Be patient with others. You will not always like behavior of other people, towards work, towards life, towards you. But in this situation you just need to learn to react calmly. If you are experiencing internally and believe that man is a soulless, horrible and did a bad thing, just make for yourself the conclusion that you never do.
  5. Be patient with yourself. It is much more difficult to endure than others. Many people, when something doesn't work, there is a sense of loathing. They try to find flaws and digging deeper and deeper, berada your emotions, pulling out all the suffering. But such behavior will not be easier. You have to understand that to always do the right thing impossible. Any mistake can be fixed, but if you did, do not give yourself over to hate. Do not delay my frustration for weeks and months. No one says you have to be insensitive. You can now afford to get upset, but tomorrow you must find a way out of the situation with a fighting spirit.

Always think about the positive result. Set yourself up for that all troubles will pass, and there will be better times. Most importantly, don't run ahead of yourself, try to be cautious, patient and prudent person. Then you all must succeed!