Advice 1: Beige sandals

Beige sandals deservedly belong to the compulsory subjects of the closet, because they are practical, versatile and attractive. There are many shades of beige: natural beige, powdery, pearly-pink, beige with a brown tint. Each lady will select sandals that will be the perfect fit for her wardrobe.
Beige sandals
Features beige sandals:
- Lengthen the legs will help platform sandals;
- Lace-up shade of powder will give the image of sexuality;
- If sandals beige to wear clothing of the same hue, there is a risk to merge with things.

Beige color is universal. It goes well with many colors, but still need to be careful. The beige ensemble is dilute red, blue, turquoise or white accessories.

To create a romantic image put on a light dress with lace (floor-length) with beige sandals high-heeled. To create a stylish and feminine outfit, wear closed sandals and a beige business suit.

Sandals beige go well with short shorts, light summer dresses, skinny jeans, dresses of cotton, organza, chiffon, silk. Bold girls can without a doubt match beige sandals with all kinds of bright accessories - red, blue, purple. Beige high heels itself is a decoration, so they are difficult to mess up other accessories.

For lovers of the casual style can be recommend beige wedge sandals. Loose outwear, dresses from fine-knit, vests, jeans, shirts, trousers - all this will help create a nice tandem with elegant sandals.

Don't like bright colors? Black and beige - the perfect combination for you! This option will replace the black and white combination. Complete your look with a shiny clutch bag and pearl jewelry. Them discreet beige color will dilute the saturated top.

Advice 2: How to choose sandals to dress

Choose sandals for summer is not an easy task. Because you need them to match in color, shape and on the case to rest together. Stylists have developed a number of tips and advice how to choose the sandals under the dress.
How to choose sandals to dress
Try to find sandals in the color of the dress. Shoes should complement the outfit. Thus, for example, a white sundress is best suited either white shoes or pastel tones - pink, light beige, gray, etc. Especially good if the color of the Shoe will overlap the shades to other accessories like bags.
When choosing shoes it is important to consider the length of the dress. If you wear it long, almost to the floor dress, it is best to opt for sandals. Moreover, the designers today offer a huge number of modern and stylish models. Your imagination has no limits - you can choose decorated with sequins, ribbons, feathers, stones sandals, to stay in simple models without unnecessary decoration.
Cocktail dress medium length looks good with sandals on a heel. Moreover, there is a great opportunity to show fashionable in the summer season, the design elements of heels. It is the heel of sandals is today becoming a Central part of the summer image. These embellished sandals can be different. Allowed bands and strings of ribbons, jewelry, shoes, stones, sequins etc. the Only thing to consider is what color of shoes should fit your entire image as a whole.
Sandals with stiletto and choose mostly for evening events, together with evening outfit. They visually make the legs slimmer, and allow you to "add" the growth of low women. However, you should take into account the fact that walking long in these shoes is not necessary - it is fraught with health problems.
The wedge is what makes the sandals very comfortable. Moreover, such shoes is perfect for any clothing - how to air short dressto long with a full skirt.
Bright sandals under the dress, you can buy only when feet have nice pedicure and waxing. Bright shoes instantly draws the eye. So everything has to be perfect.
Useful advice
In addition to the fashion trends in the selection of sandals keep in mind their convenience. According to statistics summer women move much more than in the cold season. Therefore, the convenience of footwear option is important. And if you want to wear with a cocktail dress sandals, this would also be appropriate. Just you need to choose a model that will fit the occasion and to your clothes.
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