It is clear that the quality of seed material will certainly affect the abundance and quality of the crop. This axiom is true in the case of planting potatoes, which is some time in Russia for the second bread. At first glance it may seem that this unpretentious plant, as the potato does not require a special approach to cultivation, but there it was.

Cook the seeds in the fall

First of all, you need to take it a rule to plant in the spring not the potatoes that remained after the winter, and specially selected for this purpose in the fall. It is necessary to pay attention while digging potatoes on good bushes with the largest number of smooth tubers. Probably from this family, even small potatoes are prolific. To ensure their safety during the winter will allow the landscaping to achieve that you want to not in direct sunlight and in partial shade.

Produced in the process of this poison Solonin will allow the tubers to persist longer. If such yielding bushes a bit, then the rest of the whole potato is better to choose on such basis as a large number of holes. It is important that they be located on the entire surface of the tuber.

Grow potatoes from whole tubers, cutting and even potato peelings if they remained eyes. As a rule, are selected for planting tubers of medium size or even smaller. But if from year to year to plant small potatoes, it will gradually degenerate. Experts advise not to get hung up on the size of potatoes, but at the same time recognize that large tubers are able to give a much greater yield. But then the seed potatoes will need more. This is the case when you should seriously think about cutting the tubers.

How to cut potato tubers

Scholars and practitioners believe that the proportion of tuber grows a full crop of potatoes in excess of obtained by planting whole potatoes of medium size. The view that sliced tubers can't give the right amount of nutrients for future crops, do not have a scientific basis. Any portion of the tuber, and very large potatoes and can be divided into 3-4 parts, "feels" a whole if there is the kidneys. Better if they are 2-3.

Although tuber first sprout buds located in the apical (apical) part and the rest are not active, it is not necessary to cut the potatoes lengthwise into 2 parts, dividing the top in half. Physiological characteristics of potatoes are such that other eyes to sleep until the dominant elite. If apical eyes to cut, it will start to grow more.

The only downside to planting cut potatoes that in wet weather it can be exposed to rot faster than the whole. But for the safety of the cut surface can be treated with ash. It is desirable to cut the potatoes in advance, 5 days before planting and keep it up all the time slices up in boxes in a warm ventilated area. You can even put in two layers. During this time, cut the place of weather-beaten and Zagrebel and shoots hatch. For larger farms, this method is quite time consuming, but in the garden cutting a few buckets will not be easy.