Space saving very often worries the owners of small apartments and houses. How practical everything will be done in the premises, depends on the housing design and its functionality. Separate conversation – this is the closet where you store almost all of the residents. And sliding door to the closet is a best and good decision. Although such doors have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of sliding doors

The biggest advantage of these doors for dressing room – space saving. Swing doors take away from floor space a significant part of valuable metres. Sliding is the same design represent the door, which slides over the wheels right or left, thus saving place.

Another advantage of sliding doors is their safety. If you have small children, you can not be afraid that they accidentally pinch fingers, for example. Dressing room door on the tracks are closed from the wind, like a hinged. In addition, even if the child is accidentally closed in the closet, open the door will be much easier than swing with a lock.

Easy installation – indisputable advantage of sliding doors. First, there is no need to do the opening of a certain width. You can always order the sliding door need not even standard size. Second, if some element of a door fails, it is easy to replace with a new one. Thirdly, the design is easy to install yourself to one person, with a minimal set of repair tools.

Disadvantages of sliding doors

Sliding doors, there are significant weaknesses that should be considered before installation. First, they let in a lot of odors. If the closet is located far from the kitchen, with the smell will not occur. Otherwise there is a risk that your clothes will smell of the prepared food.

Secondly, the sliding door is quite fragile. If you regularly much to push them, they can easily fail. If the sliding door has panels of glass or mirror surface, they are also easy to damage. In the house with young children will not be superfluous to pay attention to doors with locks to block them.

Third, the sliding doors are noisy. They glide on rails, making a small noise. This criterion is not fundamental, if the sliding door will stand in a dressing room, as one person several times opens and closes it.

In spite of all disadvantages, a sliding door is the most viable option for a dressing room. It is easy to install, saves space in the room, there are many different designs for such doors. You can choose any desired option, depending on the style in a particular room.