The most common design moonshine was invented centuries ago and is popular to this day. To make moonshine at home is not particularly difficult, but it requires four constituent elements.


The first element moonshine - evaporator referred to in the common cube. It represents an enamel or stainless steel container with a tightly closing lid and hole in it. Can be equipped under the usual evaporator pan of a large volume, after inflicting on the rim of the lid soft seal and drilled a hole in it to attach the tube. You should also consider clamping mechanism for the cover, ensure complete tightness. Very often, under alembic converted steam cookers that have overhead locks for cover and relief valve steam. This valve is twisted and set in its place fitting for attaching tubing or flexible hose.

Suchoparek (dephlegmator)

The sump fusel oils are necessary to ensure maximum purity of the product of distillation. It is a small container with inlet and outlet openings in the upper part. The task of the dephlegmator - physical treatment of alcohol vapors from evaporated liquids containing fusel oil. The boiling point of alcohol is lower than impurity, but because they are deposited in the suchoparek in the form of sediment yellow color with an unpleasant odor. For this part of the moonshine still you can use an ordinary glass jar with a tight screw-on cap, which should make the two holes and tightly secure them to the fittings for joining tubing or hoses. To the incoming hole you can also attach a small tube that will fall below the middle of the banks that prevents the cooler drops the steamed mash.


Cooler, also called a distiller, performs the function of cooling alcohol vapor, turning them into liquid. Usually it is a coil of heat conductive metal, immersed in a container of cold water. The liquid eventually heats up and it needs to be changed, for which the refrigerator is attached to the faucet, making the supply of cold water in the lower part of the tank. Also the water in the cooler can be manually adjusted, but the capacitance should be several times more.

Connection elements and accessories

For joining fittings to the different elements of the apparatus it is best to use the tube with a continuous thread which is wound the locknut with two silicone strips, between which is clamped the wall of the tank. On the ends of the tube you can alter any plumbing or transition fitting-brush. The elements of the moonshine is better to perform a hard metal tubes, although in recent years often use silicone hoses with a diameter of 10 mm. At the joints is necessary to ensure maximum density to prevent leakage of alcohol into the room - it may cause fire and even explosion. To control the distillation process in the system moonshine can be enabled instrumentation: pressure gauges, thermometers and other.