A sample list of materials

For a fairly small machine for manufacturing cotton candy will need a few prerequisites. First need base - metal or wood. She will be assigned to the whole machine design. At the base, or housing, the edges should be holes that are clogged cloves or welded cylinders.

Need the engine. Its capacity determines the size of all other parts of the machine, because the engine is more powerful the the device more. You can use the engine from a tape recorder or washing machine.

Necessary for sugar, heated in the cooking process, quite roomy bowl. As it will be heated, the material must be safe and not melt from high temperatures.

The last important element is the power source. Can be any battery or network 220V.
This design reflects the principle of production and can be modified and improved in any way.

The build process

A simple homemade apparatus for the manufacture of cotton will be Board. On it to secure the engine driven cloves, but the engine to attach and wire.

As the engine takes a simple tape recorder motor with a few holes and a small shaft. The shaft is fixed the Cup and through the holes the engine is attached to the base.

Bowl - the most complex element in the device of machine for manufacturing cotton candy with their hands. You can use a tube of small size - from a beer or ketchup. You can use cans from Pepsi, beer and other drinks, provided that they are trimmed evenly. Any items processed with emery paper to remove all paint.

Then in the middle of the hole and on the perimeter breaks a lot of small holes. The second tube is a small hole in the middle and 4 more on the perimeter.

With wire, the two parts join together. The upper part with a large hole in the middle, and the bottom with many small holes around the perimeter. The finished bowl is fixed to the engine. Now, in order to make the first batch of cotton candy, it is only necessary to power the engine old charger.

To do this, cut off from the charger plug (so anyway, what kind of has a charger) and a cleaning wire at the end. Attached to the engine, the polarity included in the network. If the bowl moves, not otvalivayas at the same time, it was done right.

The process of making

Need sugar and a heat source. Sugar poured in the bowl and heated to a flowable state. Then the device is switched on and the wand, you can collect fine threads of cotton candy.
At high humidity a good product will not work. In this case, you can develop a design with a lid.

A lot of cotton wool so not to make but to please the children on Sundays will be enough.