Advice 1: What to do the coil for moonshine

Manufacturers of handicraft distillery devices are often faced with the problem of choosing the most suitable material for coil cooling. The choice must be based on the throughput of the apparatus and its use.
Coil copper for moonshine still
The question of how to make a coil for moonshine should be considered in great detail. The material should be accessible to the handling, practical to use and necessarily inert - do not react with alcohol and its compounds. Also of great importance is the conductivity of the material, which directly affects the cooling rate of hot alcohol vapors. The choice can supply several kinds of materials, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Copper tube

The most popular material for the manufacture of the coil moonshine is copper. It has high conductivity and is a very soft metal that easily bends. To minimize the copper tubes in the coil it is not necessary to pre-heat, unless the bending radius is not less than five nominal pipe diameters of the tube. On the other hand, such coils are not chemically neutral, while the copper and does not react with alcohol. Upon contact with oxygen on the surface of the copper tube is a thin patina of copper oxide, which inevitably enters the product of the distillation, though in very small doses.

Stainless steel

Corrosion-resistant steel allows to obtain more pure final product, but it is more difficult to process. If the coil is of a softer metal can be bent, that is, bare hands, for processing stainless tube, you will need a gas burner, a pipe Bender or a special radial pattern. In addition, the coils of stainless steel are the most severe.

A coil of glass

Glass as a material for the coil moonshine still is used less often, although ensures the absolute purity of the alcohol after distillation. Curving the glass in a special glass-blowing workshop, or in a curved tube will necessarily places the local stresses, leading to spontaneous destruction of the coil, even without mechanical or thermal effects. In addition, glass has the significant drawback to the connection of the coil with other elements of the apparatus: it is impossible to cut a thread or set tight the fastening strap.

Nylon or plastic pipe

A good alternative when choosing the material for cooler moonshine still pipe may be used for the installation of heating systems of "warm floor". The main advantage of this material is its cheapness and ease of handling, although it should be done with extreme caution. Nylon and polyethylene tubing are considered to be chemically neutral, do not come in contact with most known solvents. The main drawback of these tubes is high elasticity, which the coil is bad form, so it is fixed to the frame, often of wire.

Advice 2 : How to make a coil for moonshine

The moonshine consists of special containers that you can heat up, hoses that will be supplied and discharged water, and serpentine. For moonshine good coil means a lot – it depends on the performance of the device. If you want to make it with their hands.
How to make a coil for moonshine
The coil in the moonshine needed in order to cool the heat released by Braga pairs and turn them into a brew. The better built device, the faster it turns to cook the right amount of alcohol. To make their own coil, you will need an appropriate size tube.
The coil has another name – the refrigerator Graham. In operation, the apparatus of the pair from Braga congenerous it, and then is cooled. For this purpose, the coil is immersed in cold water.

What you will need for making coil

To make the coil, you will need a tube with a diameter of 10-12 mm, the wall thickness of which is 1 mm and length of about five feet. An important parameter is the material – it needs to be, firstly, non-toxic, second, do not react with alcohol-containing products. He also needs to have good conductivity.
For coil the most suitable materials – copper, silver, brass, aluminum, stainless steel. The most affordable materials can be called copper and aluminum, but the copper conductivity is better.

When choosing tubes, copper, keep in mind that occasionally it is necessary to clean and replace. On a copper surface over time formed a black coating due to sticking of sulfur. For cleaning you can use the following recipe: a tablespoon of citric acid diluted in a liter of warm water. In the resulting liquid, immerse the coil and wait for a bit. Usually after twenty minutes, the RAID is normal clean. If you thoroughly clean the coil did not work, dissolve in a liter of water a teaspoon of baking soda and this solution leave it for the night, after which everything is easy going.

How to make a coil

If you make a Perm tube in a spiral with your hands, it is necessary to prepare. Fill the tube with dry fine sand to during the Curling she collapsed. One side of the tube should be closed – for example, to drive there Chopik wood.

Put the tube vertically and fill it inside the sand using a narrow funnel. The tube it is necessary to periodically hit some solid object to get a better seal everything inside. After filling, drive in the second Chopik, to the end of the tube was left open, or at the time of iron sand from her sleep.

As mandrel you can use a steel pipe of suitable diameter. The pipe is necessary to clamp in a Vice, then wrap it around the prepared tube to spiral. Refrigerator Graham ready.
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