Black stools (melena) can occur in patients with stomach cancer, rectal cancer and in patients with chronic hepatitis. Often black stool is a sign of perforation of stomach ulcer or bleeding in erosive gastritis. If you have these diseases in the anamnesis, it is necessary to urgently seek medical help.
The chair in this case poorly executed - liquid or tarry. Constant intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ("Aspirin", "Ibuprofen", etc.), which is prescribed for diseases of the joints, failure to comply with the reception conditions often cause mikroerozii of the gastric mucosa, which bleed, staining the chair a dark color.
After eating certain foods stool can also be dark. It's cherry, grape, currant, honeysuckle, blueberry, blood sausage, beets, plums, prunes, licorice, chocolate, raisins. Dark beverages such as Coca-Cola, red wine, juices containing artificial or natural dark dyes often lead to staining stool in a dark color. "Black worms" often appear in the feces after consumption of bananas. If the last three days you present these products - the black stool is not a disease.
Newborns black chair in the first few days of life - the norm. This is meconium, which is composed of dead cells of the intestine and the solid fragments of amniotic fluid. If during the passage through the birth canal of the mother was tears of the vagina, for example, that a certain amount of blood can enter the baby's digestive tract, the stool will also be black. After a few days, black-green meconium is replaced by a normal chair. Children infant period black stool can be associated with taking iron-containing vitamins, foods introduction to adaptive mixtures with iron or foods, e.g. prunes.
The reception of many drugs can also change the character of the chair. Iron supplements and iron-containing vitamins are painted chair in black always, this warning is written in the annotation. A few days after discontinuation of the medication the color of the stool returns to normal. Antacids (medicines against heartburn), containing in its composition of selenium, often cause black stool. This is normal and no cause for concern.
If the chair is decorated, no abdominal pain, you do not have the above diseases, no symptoms of bleeding: dizziness, fatigue, pallor, likely the reason in the diet. Remember what you ate in the last few days - most likely the reason. A simple analysis for occult blood, which is done within half an hour (in emergency handling) allows physicians to know about the presence of the spirit in the chair. In private laboratories and in laboratories at the clinics of the analysis performed during the day.