The boiler has the form of cylindrical or flat tank, which, depending on modification can be hung on the wall or set on the floor. The boiler operates mainly from the mains, but there are modifications and with gas heating, which are much cheaper to operate.
Electric boiler heating elements fitted to bottom, whereby the heated water rises to the top. In heaters are installed various sensors that control the heating water temperature, the pressure inside the tank with a heating element and a fill level of the water. A boiler connected to the water system and the water it receives through sensors and valves that cut off the supply of water when filling the tank.
There are two types of boilers is cumulative, which have high capacity for accumulation of heated water, and running that warm water without accumulating it inside. In both cases, the water is heated by heating elements located inside the boiler.
The hot water temperature is set using the thermostat that controls the heating elements. Almost all boilers there is also a sensor that will not allow the inclusion of the heating element (PETN) if there is no water, so no need to worry when the boiler suddenly shuts down water, then the boiler just stops working.
In operation, the most economical is the use of storage water heaters as they consume less power compared to running. But we must remember that the heating of the water in the storage boiler is from 2 to 4.5 hours.
Modern boilers equipped with thermal insulation of the tank, preserving the temperature of the water (in a thermos), thus, continuous operation requires only minimal power to maintain the set temperature.
Recommended temperature for heating the water in the boiler from 50 to 85 degrees. This is because at lower temperatures the heat inside the tank water heater can be wound different bacteria.
All water heaters have a grounded and safe connection to the electricity network, but producers are asked to use an RCD (circuit breakers) especially in homes where there are small children, or there is an unstable supply of electricity.