Select earnings on the advertising services, pay per click, if you have a certain amount of time. You will need to open the page with paid advertising for some time. This is very similar to viewing commercials on TV, but in this case you also will receive money for it.
Start to earn on file hostings. We are talking about sites such as, for example, and where to download music and books. For each download you will earn a certain amount of money. The more visitors have gone to the link and downloaded the file filled, the more coins will be added to your wallet.
If you have certain knowledge and skills, prefer this way of earning money as a freelance. The ability to write texts, programming websites, create design work or to fill the forums can bring you money. You will be able to earn, looking for customers at various sites. Later, when I acquire a decent portfolio, customers will go to you. The advantage of this work in a large freedom of choice. You can always cancel the order if you do not like it, and choose another.
If you know what is search engine optimization, start building your own website. Really high and stable income you can get, get their own Internet resource. You will be able to attract to the website large number of users and get financial bonuses. Can open an online store and start selling any products online. Or create your online business card when approve in the role of a freelancer, make it easier for customers to find you through it. Or prefer to earn on contextual advertising and other things, making an interesting informative website on a specific topic. The main thing that it was to your liking.