Problems in large breed puppies

The development and formation of the skeleton of large breed puppies lasts for a long time – up to two years, accompanied by intensive growth, which causes significant problems with joints and ligaments. The most common orthopedic defects caused by peculiarities of the large breeds of dog are hip dysplasia (TPA) and elbow joint (DLS). These growing pains cause not only inconvenience, but also very painful for the animal, causing lameness. Excessive mineralization of bone tissue for dogs of these breeds is undesirable, it can even lead to a delay in growth.

For large breed puppies need a special food and vitamin complexes with slightly reduced content of minerals, vitamins, proteins and calories. Their intake contributes to the normal development of cartilage and its transition into the bone, normalizes the further transformation of the bone in the growth process. Special attention should be paid to the content of calcium and phosphorus, it should be optimal and not to exceed the necessary for the body normal. In addition, minerals must be ingested in dogs in the form of complex salts which are easily digested. A large load on the musculoskeletal system involves additional supplements of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, vitamins A and D that stimulate the growth of the animal and reinforcing the immune-protective mechanisms of the body.

Vitamin supplements for dogs large breeds

To popular vitamin complexes for large dogs that you can buy in vet drugstores, include, for example, "biorhythm", Vita-Bon and Unitabs Brever Complex. Of course, before you start giving any of them their dog should consult a veterinarian. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the need for vitamins and mineral supplements differentialsa depending on the age of the dog and not limited to the period of its growth. Therefore, when choosing a vitamin complex be sure to consider this factor and adhere to the guidelines for the use and do not exceed specified in the instruction dosage.

Some vitamin complexes contain tablets, some of which should give the dog in the morning and part in evening. The use of such complexes which provides for the integration of biorhythms of the animal and separated the intake of certain minerals that affect the absorption of each other, for example, copper and zinc, can significantly increase the absorption and effectiveness of such supplements in your dog's diet.