Water your geraniums regularly, as drying of the soil and abundantly during the spring and summer. Below the top layer of soil in the pot or box is not cracked, it is better to pour water in the pan.
Implement a more moderate watering in winter and autumn, as the weak vegetation root system of pelargonium can just pour.
You are only watering with water at room temperature, too cold leads to decay of the root system and diseases of plants.
Don't water geraniums too hard water. Sometimes on the surface of the soil in the flower pot, you can see the blurry white spots are lime deposits, which suggests that the water is not suitable for watering plants.

Clean water for irrigation of geranium through the filters to purify water if it is too hard.
Use rainwater for irrigation or melted snow water at room temperature. Such water is softer than tap.
Not worth it to spray and wash the leaves of geranium, it can lead to yellowing and drying. Of pelargonium, there is the ability to store water, so it is considered shoshanim plant. Geranium refers to those plants which are better to dry than too watered.
Ensure when watering pelargonium drain excess water to prevent rotting of the root system. Necessarily the presence of holes in the pot, the drainage system.

Getting more water than it needs, the geranium starts to hurt and disappear. The leaves and flowers change their appearance, wither and fall off.
Take advantage of the device for preparing "living" and "dead" water for irrigation of geranium. "Living water" is a powerful natural bio-stimulator, activating the processes of plant growth. Water geranium water, as under normal irrigation, and already after a few weeks you will notice a great result.