You will need
  • - plastic flower pot;
  • universal soil for flowers.
To dracaena could manifest itself in all its glory, we need to carefully monitor its development, in time to feed, water and replant as necessary. It is particularly necessary to do in the case that the roots of the plants filled the old pot and replaced the ground from him. In such circumstances, dracaena slows down its growth, the leaves wither. As a consequence, the plant may die.
Transplanting is best done in early spring when the plant goes from a state of winter dormancy, so the transplant will take easier and recover faster. In cases of emergency it is allowed and autumn transplanting, in the case when the pot appeared pests or dracaena was acquired at that time in the store.
The fact that the young plants can be found in very small pots, and the soil in them is not intended for long-term presence in this dracaena, so the change in this case needed. However, when transferring do not have to disturb the roots, in most cases it is sufficient reloading – when a plant with a clod of earth is transferred to the pot larger.
When selecting a new pot it is necessary to consider that the roots of dracaena tend to grow deep, but not wide, therefore, you need to choose a steady and high pot. You do not need to it was wide and too big – this pot is undesirable, since the soil it can sour and the plant will die. Optimally, when a new pot is wider than the previous not more than 5 cm.
Soil for transplanting should be nutritious, loose. The ideal option is to buy in store "Nature" universal flower soil. We should not forget about the drainage of small pebbles, gravel. Before you need to wash the stones in running water and dipped in a strong solution of potassium permanganate for 10 min, to get rid of possible infections and pests.
On the bottom of the pot you need to pour a layer of drainage height of 1.5-2 cm, top it with a thin layer of soil. Remove the plant along with a dry clod of earth from the old pot, clean as possible. Then put the plant into a new pot, trying to arrange the roots in the center and fill the void between a clod of earth and the walls of the new pot, compacting the ground. The root collar should be at the soil level, bury. After filling the pot with soil you need to water the dracaena.