How to create an online wallet

At the moment there are several Internet wallets. The process of registering them does not take much time. It is sufficient to choose a certain service, fill out a form and bind the account to the mobile phone number. Thanks to this procedure, you will be able to protect themselves and protect their funds from fraud. Confirm any transaction will have a code that will come in the form of SMS-messages. In addition, the entrance to the Internet-a purse is carried out using login and password. If you forget these details, then you can restore them is by confirmation via mobile phone.

Conditions of entry and access to funds from different services are different. There are wallets, accessible by login and password that you come up with on their own, and there are those where login details are generated automatically by the system, and then you are sent to the specified email address or as SMS messages. Optional username and password can be changed at any time, but such an operation can be performed only by someone who has access to classified information and owns the mobile number that was registered.

Use the online wallet is like using a computer and mobile phone. In the second case, most likely, need additional app that can be downloaded from the official website. This so-called "mobile version of e-wallet."

List of services payable through the Internet, you will be able to study at the entrance of the purse. You can simultaneously open several such accounts.

How to fill the balance of the online wallet

Recharge online the purse in four ways. First, with the help of cash. All of these systems are reflected in the terminals. After selecting the desired service from the list and entering the number of your purse, you just insert a bill into the hole of the terminal, and within a few minutes the funds transferred to the account.

The second method of replenishment – credit card. This method has its own nuances. The fact that not all online wallets provide cards without linking them to online account. About this nuance it is necessary to think in advance. In a pinch, you can try to fill up an online wallet through the service "Internet-Bank", but for this you have to enter your personal Cabinet on the website of the Bank.

The third option is to transfer money from another online wallet. This method is not always feasible. Some services not available in your account the e-wallet, so you should carefully examine the entire list of services. Most often, the transfer of funds can be made between purses of the same system.

The fourth method – recharge using mobile phone. In order to implement this procedure, you must first login to your account online wallet, and then select "Deposit mobile", choose the desired operator from the list and send the request. Your phone will come SMS message with confirmation. Entering the code into the necessary line, the money is automatically debited from the mobile account and credited to the online account.

Please note that some methods of replenishment are carried out with an additional fee for the transfer. Most often this situation occurs when the replenishment of Internet wallets with a mobile phone or when transferring from another service.