Visit the page and click the "Register" button. Enter in the box on the next page your real mobile phone number. Through this phone you will confirm the payment transaction and will be able to quickly restore access to your WMID in case they forget the password.
Use the number that is officially registered to you or any of your relatives that in case of loss of SIM card you could get a duplicate. Without a SIM card to change the number attached will be very difficult, and to use your wallet, you can not.
Fill in all the blanks on the next page. Empty you can leave only the lines "Address website" and "Additional e-mail". Specify your real data in strict accordance with how they appear in the passport is in the future you will need to identify you in the center of certification WebMoney. If you do not pass the certification, you may have problems with money withdrawal.
Check your email. Please go to the link in it to confirm your account or copy the registration code and paste it into the field manually. On the next page enter the confirmation code which you will receive via SMS.
Create a password to your WebMoney account and enter it in the field on the next page — your WMID (WebMoney account) is created.
Click on the link "you Can create" in "Wallets". On the opened page, select the type of the purse: WMR. Read the license agreement and check the box confirming that you accept this agreement. Click on the "Create" — your WMR-wallet ready. To create another wallet, if necessary, click on located next to the "+"sign.
Make a note of the your wallet. To do this, open the walletby clicking on it with the mouse number is indicated in the second line. To get the translations and add funds to your account you, in the vast majority of cases, you will need to specify all the digits of this number together with standing before them with the letter R. the Number of your WMID and other data you can see if you go to section "Menu". In addition, your WMID will be specified in your welcome letter, which will come by email.