You will need
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - rose;
  • - the soil for planting roses;
  • - sand;
  • - expanded clay;
  • - potassium permanganate or brilliant green;
  • - activator;
  • - preparation for root growth.
It is worth noting that the already sluggish flower with falling leaves has no opportunity to take root. So it's worth going to the flower shop and ask the seller how long are rosesin the vase. Bud must be strong, and the leaves have a rich dark green color. If the rosesyou are in the store for a long time, such colors should be abandoned.
After coming home, immediately proceed to cuttings of roses. First, cut the stem under running water, the angle of the cut should be 45 degrees. Remove the skin of the stem near the cut at five centimeters. The kidneys thus should not touch, remove the leaves to middle of stem. Sectioned is extremely sharp knife, in any case, not scissors. The upper cut cauterized, you can safely use the potassium permanganate or brilliant green.
Place the cuttings in a special drug (growth activator) for twelve hours, you can use ordinary aloe juice, which is available in almost every home. Then dip the bottom cut in the drug is conducive to active root growth.
Prepare the soil, it is possible to use the substrate for roses. Pour on the bottom of the pot or box layer of expanded clay, then the soil and fill three-centimeter layer of sand. In this soil planted cuttings of roses, planting depth should be half to two centimeters.
Pour the cuttings with water (room temperature) and cover with plastic bottles (cut off the bottom and put the neck up), forming, thus, a kind of microclimate. In the future, water the cuttings through the neck. Cover with a bottle of any non-woven material.
If the stalk begins to appear, the Bud, immediately remove it. Hold the plant under the greenhouse three to four weeks, and then begin gradually to accustom him to fresh air. It is recommended to keep the cuttings at a temperature of 23-25 degrees, in the evening, put the pot under a fluorescent light.
The first three weeks spray the cuttings with a spray bottle five to seven times a day. Three weeks later, it is possible to reduce spraying up to three times. Constantly ensure that the soil always a little humid, but not soggy.