Herbs used for infertility

Plant is one-sided, or upland uterus used in menstrual disorders associated with high levels of estradiol. Course application herbs for infertility effectively cope with the inflammation of the appendages, ovarian cyst, normalizes the liver, which in turn indirectly helps to restore normal levels of hormones.

Sage is used to accelerate the growth of the endometrium follicle to normalize the functioning of the ovaries. Often administration of decoctions of sage is recommended by herbalists if coping with infertility by classical methods is not possible.

Inula is recommended for infertility. A decoction is prescribed in the second phase of the cycle to maintain the function of the corpus luteum. If pregnancy occurs, the embryo successfully attaches to the lining of the uterus, if you pursue a course of herbal medicine with the help of elecampane.

Red brush helps with the treatment of endometriosis, endocrine abnormalities, diseases of the adrenal glands. With the increased level of androgens to become pregnant almost impossible. Three months of reception tincture of red brush normalizes hormonal balance and long-awaited pregnancy occurs.

Knotweed is used in inflammatory processes, long flowing to the genitals and urinary tract. The most effective technique of decoction of knotweed in the first phase of the cycle.

Pyrola rotundifolia is used to treat infertility if the cause of lack of pregnancy are inflammatory diseases of the appendages, endometriosis.

Psyllium husk restores the menstrual cycle, help to cope with inflammation in the tubes and infertility, but only if you use broths as a part of complex treatment.

Hemlock – a poisonous plant. It is often used for the treatment of infertility associated with peritoneal process in the pipes. During the application of poisonous plants are encouraged to protect themselves. And after the course of herbal medicine can make a re trying to get pregnant.

Comprehensive treatment of infertility

If a woman can not get pregnant in the first place you must undergo a thorough medical examination. The use of any herbal remedies for infertility treatment should be coordinated with the physician and be used only in the complex therapy. Self-medication can lead to tragic results. The woman will be hoping for a miraculous healing and using herbs for treatment of infertility. And at this time may already require more radical methods.