The value of cocoa butter and cocoa powder

In the manufacture of chocolate manufacturers use like butter, and cocoa powder. The only exception is white chocolate, it is cocoa powder not included. Therefore, speaking about the percentage of cocoa in chocolate, you should consider the total content of oil and powder.

The main ingredient to any chocolate is cacao butter. As the binder component in the composition, the oil gives the chocolate a silky texture making it smooth. Cocoa powder makes the chocolate thick, giving it a rich taste. In addition to the two main components, the composition of chocolate can also include sugar, dry milk powder, vanilla and different flavors. The specific percentage content of cocoa and other components in chocolate depends on its type and manufacturer.

The content of cocoa in milk, dark and white chocolate


So, depending on the recipe, all the chocolate is divided into several types. The most popular are milk, dark and white chocolate.

Milk chocolate contains from 21% to 35% cocoa. This is due to the fact that it includes such components as sugar, milk and flavorings (nuts, dried fruit, dried berries). Accordingly, the proportion of each component accounts for a smaller percentage, and the content of cocoa is reduced. In addition, this chocolate has a soft, creamy taste that is achieved by reducing the cocoa powder in the composition.So, chocolate containing nuts and raisins as a supplements contains about 21%-25% cocoa. The number of products cacao "milk" chocolate without additives will tend to the upper limit, i.e. 35%.

Very different looks recipe of dark (bitter) chocolate. This chocolate is often produced without additives, although in some cases it adds nuts or dried fruits. The sugar content is reduced, and the cocoa increases. Usually it is not less than 55%. As a result, the finished product becomes more tart taste, which is achieved due to the dominance of cocoa powder over cocoa butter. This chocolate is particularly appreciated by gourmets who prefer the product with a simple recipe, the cocoa content in which ranges from 75% to 99%. The most optimal taste chocolate with a cocoa content equal to 80-85%.

An exception to the General classification, is white chocolate. Because it contains cocoa powder not included. Its main ingredients are: cocoa butter, sugar, milk and vanilla. Accordingly, the content of cocoa in a chocolate is determined only by the content of cocoa butter. Typically, it is 30-35%.