How to determine the quality of dark chocolate

Not to be mistaken when choosing dark varieties of this product, it is necessary to know the certain rules described in the corresponding Guest. First of all, the most important is the so-called "fortress", which determines the rate of content of the cocoa liquor.

As described in Р52821-2007 requirements, its minimum percentage in the black dark chocolate – 55%. This information must be indicated on the product packaging, which consumers can navigate – what "castle" to buy. Some people prefer "light" version of 55-60%, others like more bitter (from 60 to 65%), others choose chocolate with the percentage of cocoa mass of 65%.

The maximum percentage of cocoa mass in dark chocolate sold in all countries – 95%.

If you can't find on the packaging of chocolate information about the percentage of this ingredient, feel free to put it back on the shelf.

Regulated by GOST norm of the presence of cocoa butter – at least 33%. However, there is one caveat, which some producers seek to minimize costs – replace this ingredient with vegetable oils. Such a product will always lose quality and the benefits of a traditional recipe.

33% is the ideal minimum, however, the standards adopted in Russia, is allowed to market a product with a share of the cocoa butter from 5% of the total weight. Of course, this factor affects the price and the taste of the product, but the choice always remains with the consumer and the amount that he is willing to pay for the product.

Professional connoisseurs of dark chocolate come to the selection procedure of the product more carefully, and separating countries which have been grown cocoa beans.

Brand of chocolate

According to the study-test conducted in 2013 by the specialists of the Interregional public organization "Society of protection of consumer rights", the highest quality products on the Russian market are the following brands of chocolate:

80% good dark chocolate from the company "Red October", produced in Kolomna near Moscow. This product actually contains 77,5% cocoa, 37.5% of oil and less than 3% of the products that replace them.

75% chocolate is positioned by the manufacturer "Confectionery concern Babaevsky" as "elite". The product is composed of 73.6% cocoa, 36.6% of cocoa butter and less than 3% of other equivalents.

70% chocolate "Kremlin" TM "Vernissage" of the LLC "KONDITERSKAYA Fabrika im. Krupskaya" of the Northern capital – 69,8% cocoa 37.6% of oil and less than 3% of other ingredients.